There too many bad ones. I feel all of them.  UGH.



I am going to be a morning person...tomorrow. I tell myself every morning. I will start afresh tomorrow. But every morning waking up with a punch to the stomach making the whole situation slightly more complicated. Slowly finding stones tied to my feet. I am sinking. Sinking without any view of the light. I am... Continue Reading →

too much

Is it just me? Is just me. Everything is too much, pen shaking trying to calm my erratic movements. I don't know how to stop the sickening twisting of my chest my stomach my lungs. Whizzing around me is an endless list of every reason I would much rather die than live another moment. Why I... Continue Reading →


I desperately want love. Someone. A person to talk to me like they want to know more of me, the inside of my spirit. Challenge me to see the world in a way they do. Caring enough to know when to listen or when to hold me. A beautiful person who can unknowingly regrow the wilting garden of my heart.... Continue Reading →

movies i am in love with

a few beautiful works of art full of love and wonder The Fault in our Stars read the book then watch the movie it's phenomenal My Sister's Keeper just cry and let it out Everything, Everything breathtaking ( read the book first!!) Crazy stupid love laugh out loud The Perks of Being a Wallflower just... Continue Reading →


Who cares what I think? Who cares if I think my body is fat? fat equals disgusting, disgusting equals worthless, worthless equals useless, useless equals me Who cares if I think I am alone? Alone equals boring, boring equals don't talk to anyone, don't talk to anyone equals lonely, lonely equals me.

days and days

There are all these days. Some are thought to be more significant than others. Some are thought to be more fun than others. Some are thought to be more exciting. Some boring. Some are used to remeber previous days. If a day is that special would it need a day of rememberance. Some are thought to... Continue Reading →


I hate having to repeat my words due to the fact no one is listening. No one ever listens. No one ever listens. No one ever listens. No one ever listens. No one ever listens. No one ever listens."NEVERMIND." Everyone too busy. Too distracted. Too caught up with life. Too tired. I don't care. I... Continue Reading →

sleep 2

Slipping into the unknown. The blissfully terrifying world of endless possibility. I used to not think about sleeping. Dreaming a way out of this world even if it's just a few hours. Now I dream of everything, everything I could possibly think of, every deep dark secret even I don't want to confront. Every night it's a different... Continue Reading →

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